Local chicken sandwich fans should be in hog — I mean, chicken — heaven come Feb. 4, when Chick-fil-A unveils its newest store at 2955 Viera Blvd.

While the menu remains identical to the one that has drawn diners to the “Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich,” the exterior of the Viera Chick-fil-A is another thing.

“It will be completely different outside,” owner Michael Weeks said.

Sleek and modern, the new 5,000-square-foot eatery set on two acres is the first building at Borrows West, the newest residential, commercial and retail development project in Viera, immediately southwest of Viera Boulevard and Interstate 95. The new building was designed to complement future construction styles.

“It’s a sneak peek at what the area will look like,”

Weeks said.

Weeks, no stranger around a chicken sandwich, has been with the company for more than two decades. He previously owned one of the San Diego franchises before Florida beckoned him.

“I grew up in North Florida and still have family here, and with two young kids, I wanted to get back to Florida,” he said.

He is now settled in Viera, not far from the new store.

“It’s a whole mile-and-a-half away,” he said.

The new location has been a long time — four years, to be exact — in the making, in part because of the pandemic.

“It was originally slated to open in April of last year,” Weeks said.

Brevard’s newest Chick-fil-A will start with carryout, mobile and drive-through before moving to dine-in.

Truett Cathy launched the chicken-intensive Chick-fil-A franchise in 1946. An important part of the company’s operating philosophy is to close the restaurants on Sundays to allow staff to rest or worship.

As the franchise’s enlightened spokecows will tell you, it is time for Viera to “eat mor chikin.”

Contact the new Viera Chick-fil-A at 321-636-3535.