Christian Brothers Automotive coming to Suntree

This is an artist rendering of a Christian Brothers location similar to the one that is being built in Suntree.

What makes Christian Brothers Automotive unique is its mission to “love your neighbor as yourself.” 

The shop under construction at 6315 N. Wickham Road near Zaxby’s will be a 10-bay, 6,000-square-foot facility. It is estimated to open in mid-April.

Christian Brothers Automotive provides full-service automotive repair, including all European, Asian, and domestic makes and models.  

Its owners lead their teams and connect with the community to provide what the company has coined the “nice difference.”

“We want the owner to be a part of the business, to be a key part of the community. We built these buildings to serve communities, not to transact the automotive business,” said Michael Suttle, the chief development officer.

Excellent customer experience is tantamount. The lobbies have a homey feel with comfortable sofas and chairs, like a cottage or living room would.

“The standard is coffee and bottles of water. We don’t provide food items, although some owners like to have cookies for the guests. We let them (owners) create their own guest experience,” Suttle said.

Transportation, and more, is available for repairs that take longer.

“If you need to come in, and it looks like the repair will take some time, we’ll take you home, even take you to the grocery store or pick up your kid from school,” Suttle said. “If needed, we’ll come back and pick you up.” 

The company follows CDC sanitizing protocols, including the touchless passing of keys. 

Christian Brothers also believes in giving back to the community.

“We have a national service day every fall,” Suttle said. “Many years ago, our founder and chairman wanted to serve single mothers in our neighborhoods and communities. We now have a national service day where we’ll serve anyone that comes in with a free oil change or power alignment. We’ve even given cars away when people have brought cars in that they didn’t feel were safe.” 

Christian Brothers is excited to extend its footprint to the Atlantic Coast of Florida. 

“We like Melbourne. We think it’s unique,” Suttle added. “This is part of our growth strategy.”