Clinic's spa treatments tackle aging

Laura and Kory Kapinos promise that Revive Clinic will offer its clients an extra shot of energy.

The innovative treatment of a therapy and wellness center coming to Viera will offer clients care of face, body and soul.

Revive Clinic offers each client specific treatment plans tailored to ensure results that enhance natural beauty and successful results.

“People are tired, gaining fat and exhausted and the sex drive is down,” said Kory Kapinos, the clinic co-owner with his wife and clinic manager Laura Kapinos. “They can’t build muscle and do not have the energy they used to have.”

A white glove concierge service, the Revive Clinic is part of a growing spa trend that offers that extra shot of energy.

“Some services offered are hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), stem cell regenerative medicine and medical weight loss,” Kapinos said. “A medical director oversees the clinic and action plans, and we have an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), a registered nurse, paramedic and patient director as well.

“What we do is a blood work, 65-panel test that involves all internal organs and glucose stress levels, cholesterol and blood cell count, and tells an internal story on what goes on inside you,” explained Kapinos who holds a degree in exercise science.

Clients do a one-hour consultation explaining goals, how they feel and what they want to gain out of the process.

“The HRT is an anti-aging process that, if low or high, is not at the best,” Kapinos said. “Esthetically, it puts you back in your 30s. It gives you lots of energy that is like back when you were young. Once they have the therapy, they can do things they love without interruptions.”

“When we take vitamins, we don’t absorb them 100 percent,” Kapinos added. “A nurse or paramedic administers intravenously in the arm a mixed bag of vitamin therapy that the patient wants. Options include energy, glamour (hair, skin, nails), gut (digestion), brain (cognitive function) bag, athletic recovery and vitamin C and anti-aging.”

All intravenous treatments have a two-week lasting effect. Other spa-like services include laser hair removal, full-service esthetics, Botox and more. Walk-ins are welcome.

“Clients are not rushed in and rushed out,” Laura Kapinos said. “We see they get the best care from us. That is the most important thing.”

The spa will open soon at 2338 Citadel Way, Suite 105. For infromation call 443-417-8399 or 321-507-4722.