Family business gives homeowners a peace of mind

Frank Freda of Melbourne is the owner of HydroShield Space Coast.

For years, Frank Freda had an eye on Brevard County as a place where his HydroShield home surfaces-protection business could thrive.

Freda, his wife, Michele, and their two children had vacationed in Brevard seven years ago. So when the Fredas’ children were nearly out of school, Freda, a general contractor for 28 years in New Jersey, sold his four-year-old HydroShield franchise up north, moved his family to Melbourne in July 2019 and opened another franchise.

Despite a rough start due to COVID-19, the husband-and-wife team at HydroShield Space Coast are seeing an increase in business from homeowners eager to seal and protect high-maintenance surfaces such as windows, grout, countertops, flooring, toilets and shower glass.

“In the beginning of the pandemic it did slow down, but our business now is pretty good,” Frank Freda said. “We’re pretty much operating at what I would call normal.”

The Fredas thoroughly clean a surface, then apply an eco-friendly product that bonds with the surface and fills in microscopic pores, peaks and valleys in stone or glass, leaving a clear, thin, protective coating that keeps bacteria, stains, liquids and oils from penetrating the surface. A typical kitchen would take a little more than an hour for the couple to complete.

After the surface is treated, “there’s a noticeable difference in the way the stone feels, the way liquids react on it and the way it cleans and shines,” Frank Freda said.

The home-based, mobile business works with builders to protect surfaces in new homes. Or the Fredas can do the same for older residences, offering free estimates and letting homeowners choose what surfaces they want to protect. “Usually it’s grout, glass and stone surfaces that are our biggest sellers,” he said.

The family already owns the Brevard territory and is in talks with another licensee to obtain the Orange County region. Frank Freda’s ultimate goal is for HydroShield Space Coast to become the standard surfaces-protection provider for all builders in the county, especially in the growing Viera area.

“We apply the long-term protection and the peace of mind that homeowners are looking for and that a lot of the builders don’t supply,” Frank Freda said, “and it’s not because they don’t want to. It’s just that they only have what’s available. We offer total home protection, backed by a warranty. It’s a great product from a company that’s been in business for 25 years.”

For more information, go to or call 321-301-6007.