Nanny Jean's Academy moves to bigger Suntree location

Jean Lees also known as Nanny Jean, is an integral figure at Nanny Jean's Academy.

Nanny Jean's Academy has opened a new location — 6300 N. Wickham Road, Suite 112 — offering day care for children from birth to age 6.

The academy’s new space, which opened March 8, is 9,300-square-feet, double its previous size at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, according to Heather Bland, the youngest daughter of Jean Lees, affectionately known as Nanny Jean.

“There is an indoor play area for older kids, an indoor play area for younger kids, an outdoor picnic area and a fully fenced-in play area. It’s a big place,” Bland said.

The academy separates the children according to age: baby and crawl rooms; ages 1, 2 and 3; and voluntary prekindergarten education.

“We can accommodate all ages,” Bland said.

“The outdoor play area is mainly for picnics. There are tables with canopies over them. There is also a little garden where they can plant all kinds of seeds,” Jean Lees said. “I still go and play with the kids. I am there daily.”

Nanny Jean's Academy has been caring for children for nearly 20 years.

“I have the most marvelous staff,” Lees said. “Some have been with me since we started. We look after our staff, and they look after us. We’re very lucky.”

For more information or to enroll, call 321-757-0661.