New Indian restaurant expected to open after Labor Day in Viera

Taj Modern Indian Cuisine will have both indoor and outdoor dining.

A Taj Modern Indian Cuisine restaurant is expected to open soon after Labor Day at The Avenue Viera. 

"We’re still analyzing the whole situation with the whole coronavirus and we want to make sure that when we open we do it the right way, and we don’t have to shut down or anything like that," said owner Jerrin Luke.

The aesthetics of the restaurant will be striking, Luke noted. He cited about 50 Turkish lights that are hanging in the main dining room, wood focus, lighting in the shape of the Taj Mahal and different types of embroidery that represent different silks and materials that were developed in India.

"Every aspect of this restaurant has a story," Luke said. 

Luke discussed what he feels is a very diverse menu that the restaurant will offer. 

"What we’re serving here is different types of interesting foods from different parts of the sub-continent," Luke said. "…. We have some things coming from the north, from the south, from a lot more rural regions as well. However, what I always tell everyone is we’re going to start with a simple menu that’s kind of more traditional in a sense. But, we call ourselves modern, and the reason is we’re going to continue to evolve our menu as we grow through and understand what tastes our customers like."

Luke also said the main dining room can fit about 60 people if there isn’t a pandemic going on, and they have a patio area that can fit another 30 or so guests.

Luke added that the restaurant still is hiring.

The opening would represent the culmination of almost two years of hard work, with Luke taking over the project about a year ago, he said.

"Yes, the coronavirus is going on but we’re still excited because this is our baby, right? We’ve been doing this for the last two years and we’re going to follow the right safety protocols ’cause we want this. I know everyone’s been waiting and we don’t want to make you guys wait any longer."