Salon franchise finds Suntree attractive

The new Suntree-Viera location of My Salon Suite is at the Promenade Shoppes on North Wickham Road.


Mike and Tonya Hilliard have lived in Brevard County for 40 years. Both worked in the corporate world and retired six years ago. Both always have wanted to run a business. Retirement seemed like the perfect time.

After doing research, they became interested in the My Salon Suite franchise, which caters to beauty and wellness professionals wanting to start a business without having to open their own store.

“It checked a lot of boxes as something we’d like to do, so we purchased the franchise,” Mike Hilliard said.

Four years ago, the couple opened a franchise in the Hammock Landing Shopping Center in West Melbourne.

Kaysha Hilliard, the couple’s daughter, also got involved, and the West Melbourne location evolved into a family-run business.

“Kaysha had a degree in business but wasn’t happy with the opportunities. So, she went to cosmetology school,” Mike Hilliard said. His daughter assists as property manager at the West Melbourne location, where she also does semi-permanent make-up, hair, lashes and tattoos.

Within a year, the West Melbourne location reached nearly 100 percent capacity.

The couple then looked to the Suntree-Viera area to open a second.

The Suntree-Viera location is at the Promenade Shoppes on North Wickham Road. Interior construction and design of the 23 individual suites at the 4,600-square-foot facility will soon be underway. Singles are 135 square feet. Doubles measure 200 square feet.

“Design and construction contracts are in the initial stages, and the facility is set to open in late March or early April,” Mike Hilliard said.

The business will be open 24/7. Clients enjoy the one-to-one experience. With COVID-19 concerns, they also may feel safer in the private suites.

The new facility will have a lobby, laundry room and state-of-the-art security system.

Or, or call the Hilliards at 321-312-0677.