Teaching music still brings satisfaction after 22 years in Suntree

Loretta Fox says music teaches leadership and responsibility. Fox is the owner of Creative Music Art & Learning.


After 22 years of teaching music and running Creative Music Art & Learning, Loretta Fox knows that not everyone will become an accomplished musician.

But, there’s more to music than performing a piece from Beethoven on a concert stage.

“Music teaches leadership, responsibility and feeling the joy of playing a nice piece,’’ said Fox, whose business is located at 1299 Bedford Drive in Suntree. “We teach everything classical, rock, jazz, piano, harp, banjo, ukulele, guitar and voice.’’

Her musical teaching career began at Suntree United Methodist with 15 kindergarten students. They all took piano lessons. Later that year in 1999, she found her spot on Bedford Drive.

Nowadays, her students range in age from 3½ to the mid 70s. Her youngest practices the music box program with rhythms and nursery rhyme songs.

“I’m rewarded by watching the children learn and become excited about the songs,’’ Fox said. “We have a recital coming up on Feb 26 in person. The most exciting part is to see them perform and do a really nice job and

be proud.’’ 

Some of Fox’s students have gone on to major in music. Others started at the age of 4 and continued at the facility through high school.

The banjo and the harp have proven to be popular instruments.

“We have a new teacher who plays the banjo,’’ Fox said. “The harp is quite popular and it’s a beautiful instrument. It is very expensive to get into. All the kids want to touch the harp, and we usually teach them ‘Hot Cross Buns’ as their first song.’’

Christmas songs also are popular to practice throughout the year.

“We try to keep prices reasonable,’’ Fox said. “We want them to be able to afford lessons and offer discounts for a second and third child. … People who wanted to play when they were young, but never did, are now taking lessons.’’

For information, call 321-255-0116 or go to creativemusicart.com.