Viera Hospital

Dustin Boring, a Viera resident, has held many positions in the healthcare field.

Every six months for the past decade, Viera Hospital has received an A rating regarding the safety, well-being, and quality care of patients.

As the new vice president of administration, Dustin Boring is determined to make Viera Hospital even better than it already is.

He vows to be a proactive leader, providing the best care for the community, in addition to maintaining a positive culture for healthcare workers, which also benefits quality patient care.

Boring resides in Viera with his wife, Danielle, and daughters, Ariana, 16, and Lilly, 3.

“The Viera area is beautifully designed and offers a lot,” Boring said. “It is a community that I’m proud to be a part of and that reflects what we do at the hospital. I plan to stay in Viera for a long time.”

Originally from western Pennsylvania, he began his career working as a radiation therapist in oncology.

“I was so blessed that was the direction my education took me,” he said.

From there, he segued into hospital leadership to learn more about the healthcare system.

In 2018, Boring began working for Health First in growth and development, providing him with the opportunity to see the inner workings of the entire health care system as well as to understand the total patient care experience. Then and now, his primary goal is “to meet with the changing health care climate as well as to offer the best services in technology and physician coverage.”

Health First comprises Viera Hospital, Holmes Regional Medical Center, Cape Canaveral Hospital and Palm Bay Hospital.

One year ago, Boring began working at Viera Hospital as director of operations, continuing his whole care system approach.

He was a pivotal person in implementing Health First’s Hospital At Home program less than a year ago, where patients are admitted into the hospital but receive their care at home.

While much of Boring’s work takes place in a hospital setting, he plans to represent Health First leadership at various community functions in the near future.

“We (Viera) used to be a very small community hospital with limited services, serving as an access point for the community to provide patients with appropriate care,” Boring said.

Now that is changing.

Health First will be focusing more on the health and wellness of the community, including the construction of a new hospital facility and wellness villages on Merritt Island.

An addition of a new maternity unit will be coming to Viera Hospital in late 2023.

“I have a lot of pride in this community and working with Health First,” Boring said. “I will continue to help drive quality health care, which means a lot to me personally as well as to the community.”