Two new grocery retailers in the Suntree/Viera area haven’t officially announced opening dates, but it’s apparent from recent construction activity that more shopping options will be available this spring or summer.

At 5410 Murrell Road, Suite 135, in the Village Center at Murrell and Viera Boulevard, renovations are under way for a new Winn-Dixie. A 3,000-square-foot Winn-Dixie Beer Wine Liquor store next door has been open since Feb. 10.

“The store is being redesigned with a specialized approach to provide customers with a unique shopping experience featuring the freshest produce and highest-quality meats and seafood, as well as new signature categories with a wide product selection and specialty items in each department,” Kaley Shaffer, director of public relations and community for Southeastern Grocers, said in an email.

Winn-Dixie store manager Kelly Jenkins is excited about the upcoming opening of her store in Viera.

“I actually live in Viera. I’ve been here for 10 years, and I’m very excited to be able to be a store manager in the area where I actually live,” he said.

Shoppers are excited about the new opening, too.

“I am eagerly looking forward to our new Winn-Dixie, because I find their sales extraordinarily helpful in stretching my budget. The BOGO offers are numerous, as well as varied. Sale items are usually well stocked,” Norma Jones wrote on Nextdoor.

At the Village Center shopping plaza near the Winn-Dixie, Tesla owners soon will be able to charge their vehicles at a station on the south side of the parking lot. It has been fenced off and is not yet accessible to the public.

At 6460 N. Wickham Road, the exterior construction on the new Aldi grocery appears to be complete. The parking lot is paved, spaces are lined, and outdoor lighting and signage are operational.

The store is set to open on March 18.

Jeanne Wade will be among the many shoppers looking forward to the Aldi opening.

“I do all of my shopping for staple items at Aldi. Dairy products, produce, as well as some bakery type products. Produce is super fresh, as they don’t purchase in huge amounts. And its usually half the price of the large chain grocers,” Wade wrote on the Nextdoor website. “Once I have my staples, I hit the other stores to wrap up my shopping. As a single mom, I’m very budget conscious … but I don’t skimp on quality.”