“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek 

Since the beginning, Recycle Brevard has been a work of passion — passion for the environment and for our community. 

Recycle Brevard was started out of a need identified in our community. There were a lot of questions about what to do with unwanted items, and confusion about what could go in the recycle bin at home. We wanted to help answer those questions and also find ways that less would be sent to the landfill. That is why Recycle Brevard was created.

I had many friends lend a hand getting it to where it is. Some of the most special friends joined in one capacity or another.

Christine Kane was one of the first to take on the job and help with whatever was needed. As an avid environmentalist, she got to volunteer for one of our community events and never left. She contributed above and beyond. From great articles for our website to coordinating discussion courses and challenges, and everything in between, we could count on her for it all. She believed in our mission; she donated toward projects and tirelessly promoted our work. She did research like no other and her witty sense of humor was a delight. Through Recycle Brevard we became the best of friends and I am forever grateful for her and all that she has done.

Lucia Watson donated the first puzzles and games we put in our facility. She was always cleaning out some more and made sure I would look through everything to take to our Reuse Room whatever was fitting. We used to meet in her condo for a chat and a slice of her delicious banana bread. Last time we met, she sent me home with a whole loaf! Always kind and oh so very helpful, volunteering brought us together and a friendship flourished. 

I had the privilege to have known and worked with them. They are part of Recycle Brevard’s story and my story, too. 

Since 2011, many of us have committed considerable time and resources to start and grow Recycle Brevard for our community. Recycle Brevard became a local gem missed by many when we are not open. Thanks to Sue and Jack, who, since September 2021, have been opening the facility to serve our community in my absence. 

As an organization 100 percent funded through donations and 100 percent run by volunteers, the various events of the past two years have hit us hard and now we will need to review our plan.

As I found out through the years, it does take a village to build the community we want to live in.

We are lucky to have had so many wonderful friends help along the way, but having a facility has its costs. With our lease up for renewal again, we will need to find a way to balance service and financial commitment. 

I can tell that 2022 will be a year of change.