It’s hard to believe the holidays are imminent, heralded by our Thanksgiving celebration. Last year commemorated 400 years of tradition that started in 1621 by our early settlers rejoicing the plentiful autumn harvest.

 Since then, it has been a holiday filled with thanks and get-togethers, where food always plays an integral part in the festivities with lots of stories circulating of how the year played and everyone getting into the holiday mood.

 Thanksgiving has created many food bliss-induced historic moans throughout the years, since it’s the much-awaited, mouthwatering holiday. Let’s face it — Thanksgiving is all about the food.

 There’s nothing unpretentious about Thanksgiving fare, yet it’s usually served with a simple ceremony, as everyone looks forward to the once-a-year get together. It’s usually a feasting affair with nostalgic-inducing memories of past gatherings, accompanied by coma-inducing fare. An ideal time to crank out the best china, decorative platters, and silverware to impress newcomers and family with killer food and knockout classics dishes.

 Some believe that eating turkey makes you lethargic and may have you nodding off during the football game, since it contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid used in the process of making serotonin, a hormone to help mood balance. Our bodies don’t produce tryptophan naturally and although it may be easy to blame the big bird for sleepiness, it can be blamed on the overabundance and the combination of carbs and proteins consumed at one sitting. Indeed, food coma will prevail and without a doubt, stomachs will have to settle to sample the much-awaited pies and desserts.

 Turkey has been mastered in most households and, for some, it’s all about the sides that steal the turkeys thunder, and their impressive lineup will make the bird playing backup. And it’s no wonder; there are much awaited dishes with tried and-true childhood popularity, that bring tremendous nostalgia and fond memories. Indeed, the ubiquitous mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing must make an appearance, otherwise it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving after all.

 Last year, we suggested a few new mouthwatering sides — honey ginger baby carrots and roasted Brussel sprouts, and here are some rock-star newcomers to add to the lineup. It’s guaranteed that once these make an appearance and have been devoured, your family and guests will be groveling for the recipes, and they will be remembered well into next year’s celebration.