Beck family loves diversity of Viera

Sean and Sara Beck, who are both natives of Boca Raton, moved to Viera in 2019.


Sean and Sara Beck got tricked into moving to Viera, Sean Beck said jokingly.

He and his wife Sara had been thinking of moving from their native Boca Raton, just when they were starting their young family. Sean’s sister Jamie, and brother-in-law Jake, who live in Viera, wanted the couple to live nearby.

“They tricked us into looking at model homes in Kerrington and we pulled the trigger and signed a contract.”

The couple officially moved to Viera on July 4, 2019.

“We wanted to do what was best for our family. It’s great when you are single, the night life and the restaurants, but it was not where we wanted to raise our children,” he said.

Since then, the couple’s young family has grown to include son Skyler, 4, daughter Sloan, 2 and daughter Sage, 6 months.

“It’s nice,” Sara Beck said of Viera. “Viera is definitely more family-oriented. People are a lot kinder and it’s a little quieter at times, too.”

“Here, it seems like a more connected community. And there are kids everywhere,” he added.

Sean Beck formed a company with his brother-in-law Jake Schmalenberger, which hosts large-scale community food festivals and competitions.

“There was not a lot of nightlife and events here, so we were discussing what we would want to do and it was not a hard decision. We like food, music and drinking beer, so we created a company called Battle Bros, LLC.”

“Our events are about supporting locals and working with as many small businesses as we can,” Sean Beck said. “At these events there are 40-plus food trucks. It gives the attendee the opportunity to try all different kinds of food for one to five dollars per item. These are all day events with live music and a marketplace with crafters and artists.”

When she is able, Sara Beck helps out at the events as well.

“For the most part, I was working ticketing and then I had a baby. I will be doing the photography going forward,” she said.

It is a family-run company with Sean working as front man, Jake working logistics, and Jamie as creative director.

But it is not just their new company which makes the Becks enjoy Viera life.

“What I like is that there are a lot of places where you can walk,” Sara Beck said. “I like being close to things, so that we can bike around and have things in close proximity so we don’t have to drive.”

“The overall sense of community is great,” Sean Beck said. “So many people come from all walks of life. It’s like a hotspot for diversity.”