California couple fulfills life-long dream in Viera

Chris DeFalco a Brevard County Sheriff's deputy, right, and his wife, Jayme, reside in Viera with their 20-year-old son Michael Orzech.

Life has a way of coming full circle.

Many years ago, a young lady named Jayme met a young man named Chris. They dated for a few years but married other people, had children, then divorced at different times in their lives. Throughout the years, however, they remained good friends.

Chris dreamed of being in law enforcement but worked with the family’s pawn shop business in the Southern California area, instead. Jayme would visit the store when her kids wanted a Nintendo Gameboy cartridge.

Jayme’s son was a football player and Chris was a football coach for a neighboring high school, so they saw each other at the games.

One day, after both had divorced, he took her to breakfast and asked her if she wanted to try again. He jokingly said he had to twist her arm, but she agreed.

Chris and Jayme DeFalco now have been married for six years.

Jayme knew of Chris’ dream of becoming a police officer. And, later in life, he once again desired to become one. But he was not sure where he would fulfill that dream until he saw a video that was posted online.

“I saw one video where he (Sheriff Wayne Ivey) was in front of a house with six deputies behind him and I said this is awesome. He’s a no-nonsense man,” Chris DeFalco said.

DeFalco sold the family business and moved to Viera in October 2020 with Jayme and one of their sons. DeFalco graduated after six months at the police academy.

Between the two, the DeFalcos have four children. The oldest is a professional football player for the Los Angeles Rams, and the dad of a newborn. Their daughter is a nurse in Tennessee, and their youngest has just joined the U.S. Army. Their 20-year-old lives with the couple in Viera and works at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, where Jayme DeFalco also works as a bartender.

The DeFalcos love living in Viera. “Everything is green. The people are so nice,” Jayme DeFalco said. “There’s definitely a lot less traffic than I’m used to dealing with. I love all the water everywhere.”

“We go to the beach, walk at the preserve, go bike riding, and have lunches and dinner on the water,” said Chris DeFalco, who also enjoys watching lightning storms.

They have found a church home at Church At Viera. “It’s a good-sized church. I love the pastors and their teaching,” Jayme DeFalco said.

“It’s very upbeat, warm, and welcoming,” Chris DeFalco said.

DeFalco is ready for his new role with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

“I’m really eager to go out and help people and be positive in the community, especially with the youth,” he said.