Costco store planned for near future extension of Pineda Causeway

A Costco store will be built in the future near an intersection of the Pineda Causeway and Lake Andrew Drive.

A Costco wholesale store is proposed to be built in an area yet to be developed near a future intersection with the Pineda Causeway and Lake Andrew Drive. 

The proposed site plans were obtained from the Brevard County Planning and Development. The site plan has been filed for the store, but still was in the approval process by Planning and Development.

Costco is a membership warehouse club store. Its website shows that customers, or club members, can find goods that include furniture, electronics and traditional supermarket items. 

There currently are no Costco stores in Brevard County according to the website. There are three locations in and around the Orlando area. 

The store would be bordered to the south by Cobalt Street and to the east by Akarad Drive. It will be in an area west of Interstate 95 to where Pineda Causeway will be extended. That area has not yet been developed.