Give a gift on Earth Day to our special planet

April is a special month for the environment: it is when we celebrate Earth Day. For us at Recycle Brevard, March is also a special month and was a bit extra special this year for it marked Recycle Brevard’s 10th anniversary.

With a name that originated from a call to action, Recycle, Brevard!, nothing is more fitting than celebrating the organization’s anniversary by inviting the community to take action and help remove more items from the waste stream, diverting more from our landfills as a gift to the Earth.

We are calling it the Ten for Ten Challenge. The goal is to have each participating household divert at least 10 pounds of waste by Earth Day, which is April 22. Items accepted in this challenge that will count toward the 10 pounds are:

  1. Electronics (no printers, monitors
    1. or TVs)
  1. Metal (other than food/drink cans)
  2. Plastic toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes
  3. Empty dental floss containers
  4. Disposable razors and their packaging
  5. Vitamin and supplement bottles as well as blister packs
  6. Dead markers, mechanical pencils  and pens
  7. Empty glue sticks
  8. Brita filters, pitchers and bottles as well as their plastic packaging
  9. Old plastic food storage containers (Tupperware-like)

Besides the items listed above, we will need large cardboard boxes and packing tape. Also, if you are interested in helping this effort, please email us at — we will need helping hands to sort, weigh, pack, transport and drop off boxes for shipment.

The main drop-off day will be Saturday, April 24 at Recycle Brevard’s facility in Rockledge. More details are posted on our website,, on the Ten For Ten page. If your organization or neighborhood would like to become a drop-off site, you can register online to be added to our list and help engage your local community members in this effort. 

We want this challenge to bring the community together, energize households and reward our planet. This is what we do through Recycle Brevard.

Join us in celebrating the Earth, our community and positive action!