Several home runs were hit Nov. 18 at USSSA Space Coast Stadium in Viera as the Home Run Forever — Celebration of Adoption was held for the third consecutive year at the former spring training baseball site.

“It’s such an accommodating and beautiful place to celebrate this grand day,’’ said Phil Scarpelli, the CEO of Brevard Family Partnership. “What’s more precious than to celebrate the adoption of a child before the holidays? November also is the national month for adoption nationwide.’’

The event, sponsored by the Brevard Family Partnership, Camelot Community Care, Guardian Ad Litem, Judge Kelly McKibben and the 18th Circuit, Family Allies, and Together We are One, celebrated the unification of children with their forever families.

Families publicly formalized the adoption of 17 children at Space Coast Stadium. Another three families choose to complete the adoption process for their three children in private at the courthouse.

“There was a sense of urgency with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching,’’ Scarpelli said. “But, there’s always a sense of urgency for the children. Foster care should just be an interim stage. We don’t want them to linger. We want them to be part of a loving family as quickly as possible.’’

It usually takes about 24 months to complete the adoption process. The goal is to unite children with their biological family. Sometimes, that is not possible due to drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence or homelessness.

“We want families to heal and live the lives they should,’’ Scarpelli said. “We don’t want to terminate the rights of parents, but children need to remain safe and have their needs met in a permanent place.’’

If the next of kin can’t take care of their younger relatives, adoption becomes an option. “We want to match the children with families that are committed to raising these children to adulthood. We want to help them heal as they enter this new and exciting chapter of their life.’’ Sanjay and Stacey Patel adopted a little girl that they had fostered for 19months. They named her Emma. “The best girl in the world is now a part of our family,’’ Stacey Patel said. “Today, we got to adopt our daughter,” Sanjay Patel said. “We are just thrilled to have her as a permanent part of our family. We are so excited. This has been one of the happiest days of my life.’’