Syder Book

Merritt Island resident Spyder Johnson has self-published a book that takes on an entertaining way of learning to eat right and get fit.

With his lighthearted book, which came out March 30, he hopes to capture seniors by weaving a web of suggestions on how to achieve optimal health and happiness.

Available through Amazon and E-Book, the 465-page paperback entitled “Let’s Eat Right & Exercise: An Entertaining Senior Fitness Guide” is filled with ideas on nutrition and strong on fitness tips to help boomers in their 50s, 60s and 70s become healthy and fit.

“It’s better to take a slow, steady approach and methodically plow through exercise tasks and nutritional goals,” said the 65-year-old Johnson. “I like to think of it as senior fitness that makes sense,”

His advice on nutrition is to stay away from processed foods entirely, opt for protein and avoid fatty meats. Egg whites, he said, are “the purest form of natural protein that there is.” Avoid sugar and have salt in moderation. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be a staple.

He said quick weight-loss gimmicks are not the best weight loss for the long haul. He urges his readers to pick a date, perhaps a birthday, and on that day make a commitment to eat healthy for one year and know that there will be a big difference when that date rolls around again.

He offers tips on how to tackle the one-year challenge such as packing a cooler with good, nutritious food so that it is always available each day and especially when traveling.

Johnson, a certified personal trainer and nutrition guru, grew up in Asheboro, North Carolina and attended East Carolina University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has traveled extensively, including Thailand and Eastern Europe.

While his real name is Jamie R. Johnson, he took the pen name of Spyder Johnson for this book to honor his best and lifelong friend who passed away three years ago.

“Since my childhood days my best friend and a small group of eight or nine friends whom I played sandlot football with dubbed me Spyder after a famous football player in the day named Carl (Spider) Lockhart. The nickname stuck and close friends still call me Spyder after more than 50 years have gone by,” Johnson said.

He has written five books previously, all fictional and most with conspiracy characters. “So this book is completely different although it encompasses some fiction through the fictional character who is full of himself, namely Zarkoff Zucchini who spouts off words of encouragement such as “Come on geezers, you can do it!”

Johnson uses a heavy dose of humor throughout the book to make it lighthearted while at the same time providing important information for helping seniors transform their lives.

“I get bored when it’s all serious, so I hope readers find these characters entertaining,” he said. They sport funny quips such as “Fit Geezers are Happy Geezers” and are visually depicted.

Eight artists from around the world created the 57 illustrations in the book. “It was a total pleasure working with and being surrounded by such talent, creativity and professionalism” Johnson said.

His advice: “Make health and fitness a priority and remember, it’s you who is the decider — not societal molders and shapers. Focus on what’s important. Cut away the clutter, be yourself and get the last laugh.”

Johnson said: “Through exercise we can bring back some of the youthful elasticity. I’m really into the flexibility component at our geezed-up age. Sometimes, we wake up stiff as boards.”

As a general exercise plan, Johnson said the concept is simple. Make yourself do some cardio activity that gets the blood flowing and strengthen your muscles with some light resistance training. For those who want to lose weight, the aerobic sector of your routine is very important. That’s what really speeds up your metabolism and eventually sheds the pounds.

Reviewers have complimented Johnson on the fact he teaches readers mindset-turning points that produce results.

For information, check out Let’s Eat Right & Exercise: An Entertaining Senior Fitness Guide: Johnson, Spyder: 9780989921107: Books