Love sprouted in elementary school

Elisabeth and Todd Osborne enjoy the outdoors.

Elisabeth and Todd Osborne’s love story was a match made in their Rockledge elementary school lunch line. That is where his smile caught her eye. He was in the fourth grade and she, the third.

“We became friends right away,” she said. “In middle school, we became boyfriend and girlfriend for a brief moment, but always remained friends.”

One day, the duo had a surprising revelation. In addition to being friends, they were neighbors, living only seven houses apart.

“This made us laugh because we had never known,” she said.

In high school, the relationship grew more serious. The pair dated and again became boyfriend and girlfriend.

“I had actually fallen in love with him years earlier and it was finally developing into something special. I knew he was my soul mate,” she said.

The sweethearts encouraged each other with their sports adventures in soccer and baseball. They also supported each other when death came to their families, especially that of his father, who passed away unexpectedly. Their camaraderie and shoulder to lean on drew them closer.

She was a senior in high school when he graduated and went to college. But Cupid’s arrow was stuck firmly in his heart.

“He decided there was no way he could continue life without me, so he proposed in December of my senior year. I said yes right away.”

When she graduated, they agreed to save money for their wedding, planned for a year later.

They married in May 2003.

“It was the greatest day of our lives,” she said.

He joined the Air Force a year after. In his 17 years of service, the couple have lived in Germany, Oklahoma, Virginia and Illinois. Being deployed to Qatar, however, he missed their son’s birth.

“It was hard on all of us,” she said. “But we now have two amazing children.”

The couple makes their home in Brevard County, where she taught preschool until the COVID pandemic. He continues to serve.

In May, they will celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss.

“We have been through so much but have remained together and strong. Our love is bigger than our circumstances,” she said.