Newest dog park  a welcome addition to Viera lifestyle

The new 0.91-acre Central Bark is located in the Sendero Cove neighborhood in Viera.


The increased new-home construction in the Viera area south of Wickham Road and just east of the Viera Wetlands means more residents, more pets and more dogs.

While dogs are often walked by their owners on sidewalks and on a leash, their physical and mental well-being also depends upon their ability to play and unwind off-leash, and with fellow canines.

The new 0.91-acre Central Bark, located in the Sendero Cove neighborhood, is meeting that need.

The dog area, enclosed by a coated chain link fence, offers wide open spaces with lots of fresh, green grass on which to roll and play. An additional fence also separates a 4,000-square-foot area for smaller dogs and a 5,100-square-foot area for larger ones.

To get into the park, owners and their pets must enter a double door, which allows dogs to be safely unleashed before entering their play area of choice.

Inside, owners also will find a dog waste bag dispenser with a friendly reminder to pick up after pets and waste cans to keep the area clean. Shaded benches offer a place for owners to sit while keeping a watchful eye on their canines. Just outside of the entrance gate is a dog water fountain to keep dogs hydrated before, during and after play, as well as during the hot summer months.

“The park was built by The Viera Company and upon completion was conveyed to the Central Viera Community Association. All dogs are welcome at the park. Central Bark is a great addition to the many Central Viera Community Association Parks, and we are excited about the addition of this amenity for our four-legged Viera residents,” said Katie Couch-Norton, the community management coordinator for The Viera Company, in an email.

Central Bark is located at 8025 Millbrook Ave. Like other Viera parks, it is open to all Viera West residents. A shaded playground for small children also is located on the premises as well as a covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms and drinking fountains for humans.