This morning, I received an email from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots (, a program founded by the Jane Goodall Institute  in 1991 whose main objective is to inspire and assist young people to work on solutions to problems identified in their communities. The email was an invitation to share "what you’ve done to turn your hope for today into action for a better tomorrow." 

My action for a better tomorrow really turned into a journey that started in 2011. 

At that time, my daughter was 6 years old and curious about what happened to garbage once garbage trucks took it away. We went to a landfill tour offered by the Brevard County Solid Waste Department to find out. That was an amazing experience not only for my daughter but also for me and I recommend everyone to take that tour. It is a true eye opener as to what we are doing with our resources. 

The tour had such an impact on me and, since I was taking a Community Involvement class at the time, I felt compelled to do something. "Perhaps if there’s more information out there," I thought, "more people will be inclined to embrace the 3Rs — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — and not send as much to the landfill." So I created a Facebook page and a blog, both called Recycle Brevard ( The intention was to spring people to action — Recycle, Brevard!

From that point on, I became increasingly involved in raising awareness about the 3Rs. For two years, I volunteered in different parts of Brevard County with various organizations and, in March 2013, I decided it was time to incorporate as a not-for-profit to enable me to do more with the help of other volunteers and supporters.

Fast forward four years — after many events, programs, projects, collections and continual training — I am ready to take another big step: open our first facility in the community. 

Located in Rockledge, the facility will serve as a drop-off location for hard-to-recycle and Terracycle materials. We also will make reusable materials available for individuals and groups, and will offer collection of recyclables on a small scale. 

The facility itself will be a recycling project since we will furnish it with gently-used and second-hand items. We posted a wish list of needed items on Facebook. If you have unwanted items that you would like to donate, please contact me.

The goal of opening this location is to provide a way to divert even more items from the landfill and make it easier for our neighbors and local businesses to commit to the practice of the 3Rs while enabling us to invest in our educational programs and community projects.

We will be counting on the support from individuals and other organizations, and on the assistance from our partners to make this initiative a remarkable success.

I am happy to say that we have come a long way and to celebrate our anniversary this month, I would like to invite you to meet us from 3 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 15 at Nature’s Table Suntree to chat about our plans.

Besides giving us the chance to meet local residents, the restaurant also will donate 20 percent of the value of receipts collected during that time back to Recycle Brevard. But in order to make that happen, we need at least 20 RSVPs recorded on their site. To help us with that, please RSVP by March 12 at It would be wonderful to meet every single one of you!

Looking back at these six years, when I started, I was hoping that with more information I could change the hearts of residents to recycle. Through the years, I realized that only with action I would be able to do that. Would you care to join me? 

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