Viera High School seniors are bringing what is expected to be a tradition with them into the new school year. Many 12th graders spent their last days of summer vacation painting their personal parking spot in the school’s lot.

For the previous year’s graduating class, many beloved Viera High traditions and rites-of-passage were thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including homecoming, prom and Grad Bash. The Viera High School administration got creative to make it up to the class of 2022, giving them the liberty to be more creative on school property than ever before.

“We wanted to find a way to make it special for our seniors, during a year that was so un-special,” said Jeff Draves, a Viera High School teacher and senior class sponsor.

For the last 16 years, seniors have only been permitted to paint the concrete parking block within their spot.

After prom was canceled in the spring of 2022, VHS seniors were given the all-clear to paint their entire parking spot. By that time, however, graduation was right around the corner, so many seniors chose to not exert all the time, energy and paint that would be required for this project.

As a result, the class of 2023, the current seniors, brought this tradition on with full force for the very first time. The Viera High seniors worked diligently, covering nearly the entire right side of the parking lot with a vast variety of amazing artwork.

“It’s been such a wonderful experience — everyone has been so creative,” Draves said, inspired by the seniors’ creativity.

One class of 2023 senior, Brooke Mostert, took inspiration from the parking block artwork of her older sister, Paige, who graduated from Viera High in 2019.

“I wanted to do something like my sister’s and add in my own little twist,” she stated. Brooke recruited her dad, Scott, to help her make her mark on Viera’s campus. “This is a really good way for my dad and I to get outside and do something fun together.”

Viera seniors for years to come will have the opportunity to let their personalities shine on the pavement that precedes the school’s walls. This section of the VHS parking lot now tells the story of the class of 2023, and the beautiful outcome of this new tradition beautifies the lot for all Viera residents to enjoy.