The Courtyards’ flags fly high

The Courtyards community in Suntree has two entrances, one on Pinehurst Avenue south and one on St. Andrews Drive.

Since the beginning of the community, there has been a 20-foot flagpole at the Pinehurst entrance.

Today, there is a new 20-foot flagpole at the St. Andrews entrance, thanks to a community effort.

The community began exploring the possibility of installing a more substantial flagpole at St. Andrews. The homeowners association board decided to ask for donations from the community to pay for the pole, the flag and for the installation.

In December 2020, the board gave homeowners Judy Barrett and Leslie Marcaurelle approval to move ahead with the project, which they named Operation Flagpole.

Federal Flags of Wisconsin guided them through the process of selecting the best flagpole for the area. They chose one that can withstand hurricane winds of up to 225 mph.

They also purchased two 4-foot by 6-foot U.S.-made nylon flags and a solar light for the new flagpole.

The community members responded generously to cover the cost of the flagpole, the accessories and the related landscaping.

Brandy Gautney of Natural Harmony, LLC was hired as the contractor to guide the team through the project.

The project was completed, including landscaping for both entrances just in time for a Memorial Day dedication May 31, 2021.

At the dedication, attended by 25 residents, Sue Hodgson read “My Name is Old Glory.” The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and, just at the conclusion, a U.S. Air Force C-17 slowly flew over the dedication in a fitting tribute to The Courtyards' new flagpole.