Three children praise their mom and anticipate Mother's Day

Vicki Clare's children plan a special Mother's Day celebration.

Mother’s Day is set aside to celebrate and honor mothers and the bond that is created with their children.

That bond is very evident with Vicki Clare’s three children.

“My mom is pretty amazing,” said 13-year-old Paul. “She tries to be funny.”

His younger brother, Charlie, 9, said his mom is very special.

“Since our dad passed away, she does a lot,” Charlie said. “She takes us to dance practice and she helps me with my homework.”

So, this Mother’s Day, Charlie wants to do something special for his mom, maybe a sign that says, “love mom.”

As most of the world celebrates and honors moms in different ways, Vicki Clare’s children say they want to celebrate all she does for them.

“My mom is special,” said their sister, Sarah, 11. “When I tell her about stuff that happened at school, she is on my side. She tries to make us happy like our dad did.”

Their dad, Paul Clare, passed away suddenly less than a year ago, said Vicki Clare, who recently returned to her work as a preschool teacher.

Paul, Sarah and Charlie each said they plan something special for the mom on Mother’s Day.

“I will probably make her something special for her,” Paul said. “Maybe I’ll do some chores for her. She’s been doing a lot since my dad passed away.”