Viera lifestyle suits French family of six

The d’Hérouville family has enjoyed Florida since moving from Toulouse, France. 

Raoul and Marie d’Hérouville moved to Viera from Toulouse, France in August 2019. Coming to Florida during the summer could be a difficult adjustment for many.

“It’s not our first time living in a warm country,” Raoul d’Hérouville said. “We lived for two years in Africa (Djbouti). We know how to adapt.”

d’Hérouville works for One Web Satellites in Cape Canaveral as head of Florida Operations.

“Airbus, Europe’s largest space company, and OneWeb Satellites have teamed up to design and manufacture up to 900 satellites for the OneWeb constellation, which will provide affordable high-speed internet access across the globe,” according to

“It’s great. Very dynamic,” Raoul d’Hérouville said of his work. “It’s a challenge every day, but it’s nice working there.”

Marie d’Hérouville also is an engineer. “I’m not working right now. Currently, I’m studying courses online in English for a MicroMaster in Supply Chain in order to have an American degree.”

The d’Hérouville family chose Viera for its family environment, excellent schools, and close access to d’Hérouville’s place of employment. The couple have four children: Benoit, 9; Heloise, 6; Xavier, 3; and Clemence, 1. Benoit played rugby in France and enjoys learning how to play American football.

“We also do home schooling for the French school (for Benoit),” Marie said . “In France, he should be in fifth grade. If we don’t do that, he will lose one year if we return.”

The couple agree they like Viera because it’s quiet and safe.

“It’s well-connected, and you can go to the wetlands and see gators and birds,” Raoul said. “We like the middle ground. We’re not big city people. We like being near things we need, but we like to be near nature.”

“It’s easy to bike with the kids to the playground,” Marie said. “There are different restaurants where I can meet friends. The beach is nearby. I like the sunrises and the sunsets that we have here.”

That’s not to say the family is not homesick for their life in France.

“Sometimes, we could use a couple of weeks in France for the food, the cheese. It’s been more than a year since seeing our families due to the pandemic. We cannot expect to go back at the moment,” Raoul said. “Hopefully, we will be able to do so soon.”