Viera Mom's love for town trends online

Mark and Kim Dickerson are happy with their decision to raise their children in Viera.

Newcomers wanting to know more about living in Viera are reaching out to Viera Mom as she and her family build a life and home here.

Kim and Mark Dickerson met in Virginia while attending Radford University. She majored in marketing, and he majored in finance and economics. Sometime after graduation, they moved to South Florida but did not stay long. Two years ago, they learned about Viera and fell in love with it, thinking it would be a much better fit for raising their two children, Decklyn, now 7, and Beckham, now 4.

The couple chose to settle down in the Addison Village community due to its family-friendly atmosphere.

“One of the things we love is the parks,” Kim Dickerson said. “The kids love going to the community pool here in the neighborhood,” she said of the pool they can see from their home.

Both Kim and Mark Dickerson work from home, which enables them to spend more time with each other as well as their children.

Kim Dickerson started her own company, Viera Social Media. She helps local businesses with search engine optimization for their websites, and handles their social media.

She also started a blog called Viera Mom (, which has nearly 1,000 followers.

“A lot of people are moving here and asking me questions about schools, parks, etc. Viera Mom is a resource to new families moving into the community to capture what it is like to live here,” she said.

Mark Dickerson works remotely for the Richmond, Virginia branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. “My primary focus is looking at the safety and soundness of emerging risks specific to banking,” he said.

Of living in Viera, Mark Dickerson said, “There is not a lot of traffic. Things here are accessible, such as shopping.”

He enjoys surfing and finds the break at Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach much better than South Florida’s.

“I like to go on my tablet, watch TV and snuggle with my mom and read books,” Decklyn said. “I like to make cookies,” she said of her pumpkin sugar cookies.

“I want to be a chef when I grow up,” she said. “I like baking.”

Right now, younger brother Beckham wants to follow in his big sister’s footsteps. “I’m going to cook cookies, broccoli and pizza,” he said.

Decklyn enjoys ultimate dance, jazz and tap. Beckham can be found doing karate or playing soccer.

“There are a lot of activities, neighbors and playdates,” said Kim Dickerson of the Viera area. “It is easy to find family things to do.”