Volunteers In Motion fills gap in transportation needs

Volunteers In Motion provides transportation for individuals who are unable to use other Space Coast Area Transit services.

Imagine the ideal volunteer experience. Dream of one that is so personally rewarding you’ll be inspired to sign up today.

Volunteers In Motion provides transportation for individuals who are unable to use other Space Coast Area Transit services. The program offers transportation to locations such as medical facilities, pharmacies and grocery stores.

Since its inception, Volunteers In Motion has assisted thousands of individuals who otherwise would be unable to live at home independently.

Program volunteers are provided training classes, state-of-the-art vehicles, gas and insurance, uniform shirts and cellphones during volunteer hours. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for program volunteers.

According to volunteer Jim Shanteau: “My wife, Cinda, and I evaluated multiple volunteer opportunities so that we could invest our time in something that provided the maximum value. We saw just how much this program was needed, and the fact that the county provided the vehicles and covered the liability aspect helped seal the deal. But the bottom line is: We really enjoy helping people. And that’s what it’s all about. People helping people.”

This innovative program is supported by an amazing group of volunteers who serve because they care. Unfortunately, the demand for services is higher than the current program can support.

A few hours of support once or twice a week or more can make an incredible difference. The program operates Monday through Friday. If you enjoy working with people of all ages and making a difference in their lives, this is a great volunteer position for you.

“I decided to volunteer for the program for my own therapy,” Roger Widmann said. “I found doing good for other people helped me stop thinking about my own problems. Volunteering time and efforts toward an organization that is helping somebody less fortunate than you, is time very well spent. Serving others has helped make me a well-rounded person.”

Driving a new van, you’ll pick up and drop off those with limited mobility, assist them with shopping, or possibly go with them to a medical appointment. For many, it’s their only form of transportation.

Volunteer positions include vehicle operators who transport clients throughout Brevard County; drop off and pick up clients at medical facilities; transport wheelchairs and walkers; help clients with shopping and grocery bags; and drop off and pick up prescriptions.

With little time and effort, you are their ticket to independence.

Office support staff are needed to answer phones, file and perform data-entry functions.

“We volunteer once a week and have a wonderful time. The clients are all so appreciative. They just love us. When we come home, we feel so good. It’s like the best day of our life. It’s nothing monetary. It’s just a heartfelt thing,” said volunteer Katie Smeltzer. “Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll need someone, and they’ll be there for us.”

Will you step up and be their hero? All support is welcome and appreciated.

By joining Volunteers In Motion, you’ll receive instant gratification when you see the expression of joy on the face of every single person you help.

To find out more, call 321-635-7999 or email info@321Transit.com.