We Dance provides enjoyment for adults of all abilities

Nadia Rudovich has taught dance to older adults up to age 95.


We Dance Academies, with studios in Viera and Melbourne, is inviting older adults to register for their social ballroom dance classes.

“Dance helps everyone, older adults too, to keep moving, to enjoy their social life, and in a classroom setting they can find and meet new friends,” said Nadia Rudovich, a We Dance ballroom dance instructor. 

For most of her 16 years as an instructor, Rudovich said, she has taught older adults up to age 95. 

“We try to find a way to make our students happy, and to benefit from moving, music and communication,” she said.

She observed that older students take lessons for a variety of reasons, such as for physical activity, to revisit a childhood hobby or dream and, in one special instance, Rudovich said, to find solace after the death of a spouse.

“Dance can significantly improve muscular strength and endurance, balance and other aspects of functional fitness in older adults. Additionally, dancing might be useful in preventing falls in the healthy older-adults population,” according to studies reported by the National Institutes of Health.

“I see the older students rediscover their energy through dance. They become more active. Moreover, I think it makes them feel more connected to others,” Rudovich said.

For older adults, Rudovich recommends the Slow Waltz, FoxTrot and Rumba. 

“These are great dances for older people,” she said. Music is an integral aspect of dance lessons, and “for many, listening to the music brings back memories of their youth and makes them happy,” she said.

Music can relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression and reduce agitation, according to research reported on the Mayo Clinic website. Also stated, listening to music can provide emotional and behavioral benefits for people with dementia.

Ekaterina Vaganova-Yachmennikova, co-owner, founder and artistic director of We Dance, also noted, “Dance lessons provide a fun escape from your typical daily routine, plus a chance to relax, relieve stress, and concentrate just on yourself.”

There is a Friday Night Social Dance Party, where students have the opportunity to practice and mingle in an informal setting. 

For more details about social ballroom dance classes, as well as other types of dance classes offered at We Dance Academies, go to wedanceacademies.com or call 321-425-0111.

We Dance Academies newest  Viera location is 7640 N. Wickham Road.