Aldi, the popular discount grocery store and well-known for encouraging its customers to pay a quarter for a shopping cart in order to defray costs, will be coming to the Promenade Shoppes of Suntree in late 2020.

Aldi was founded by the Albrecht family in 1961 in Germany and has been in business for 40 years in the U.S. It serves 40 million customers annually, according to the website

"We are excited to confirm we plan to open our new Melbourne store located at 6450 N. Wickham Road this year," said Matt Thon, the Haines City ALDI Division vice president, in an email.

Plans are in the works for the northern half of the plaza to be demolished to make way for the new construction.

The Suntree location will make shopping even more convenient for residents since the closest Aldi is seven miles away.

"Every time Aldi’s moves in, they bring a shopping center to life," said Jeanne Downes of Suntree. "I am excited," she added. "My husband and I love shopping at Aldi’s, but driving all the way to Barnes … that’s like a special trip. We do that once or twice a month."

"We get our dog treats from there. I like their juices. Crackers, all the snack kind of foods. We make a lot of smoothies, so we buy a lot of their frozen fruit. Their sausages are wonderful. We just like the store. The people are all very nice and accommodating. Everybody is in a good mood when you go there."

"I’m there all the time," said Joanne Buckler of the Crane Creek area. "I like all of their products. I also like their ‘aisle of shame,’ " she said, referring to a Facebook page called Aldi Nerds that encourages posts by Aldi shoppers about the great household deals they find.

"I’m addicted to their cranberry and chicken salad. A lot of their upper end products are good. I go once a week and can get a lot more for my money there," she added.

"I was introduced to Aldi’s several years ago. The variety of gluten-free products is a big plus that first drew me into the stores. The fresh produce and friendly staff are commendable," Norma Jones of Indian River Colony Club wrote in an email. "I enjoy their selection of deli salads, which are a hit in Florida all-year round. Their elimination of  ‘single-use bagging’ encourages everyone to bring reusable shopping bags, a plus for the environment."

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