Nine Viera High band members selected to Florida All-State ensemble

Viera High School had nine band members selected to the Florida All-State ensemble. Pictured are: Back, from left, Nicholas Grey (horn), James Condy (trombone); Alec McDaniel (oboe/English horn), Ryan Russell (bassoon) and Corey Ramirez (trumpet). Front, from left, Juliet McDaniel (clarinet), Kayla Crider (flute), Nicole Kloner (flute) and Loanne Masson (oboe).


Viera High School trumpet player Corey Ramirez has been working toward his goal, of being named to the Florida All-State ensemble since his freshman year.

Well, now it’s no longer a goal it’s an achievement.

Ramirez, now a senior, was among nine Viera band members to be selected All-State following a blind audition process.

James Condy (trombone) named to the 11-12 grade Orchestra Wind Section.

Making the 9-10 grade band were Kayla Crider (flute), Nicholas Grey (horn), Juliet McDaniel (clarinet) and Ryan Russel (bassoon). Those making the 11-12 grade band were Nicole Kloner (flute), Loanne Masson (oboe), Alec McDaniel (oboe/English horn) and Ramirez.

Under normal circumstances, those selected would perform in January at the Music Education Association Professional Development Conference in Tampa. However, Viera High band director Nick Eggen said this year’s entire event will be done virtually. It may or may not include performing.

That said, being selected all-state is a huge honor for any band member.

“The All-State Bands & Orchestras feature the absolute best student musicians in the state of Florida, and we would consider ourselves fortunate to have just one student be selected through the audition process,” Eggen wrote in an email. “Viera High School is in the unique position to have nine students accepted, and we could not be happier for their hard work to be recognized and rewarded.”

Ramirez was happily surprised to find out he had made the list.

“I was relieved after all the hours I’ve spent perfecting the audition,” he said in a text message. “And yes, I was surprised I made it since I thought my audition didn’t go as well as I thought it should have.”

As part of the audition process, Ramirez said students must prepare the selected Lyrical Etude, Technical Etude, all 12 Major Scales and the Chromatic Scale.

Judges listen to each audition and choose the people they believe played them the best.

“It was very weird this year since we had to record the audition ourselves and on our phones,” Ramirez said. “We were lucky at Viera to be able to use the auditorium to record our audition.”

Ramirez, who has been playing trumpet for six years and plans to major in music in college, said he put a big emphasis on his sound and making the harder parts of the audition sound easy.

The fact that he wasn’t completely happy with his audition just shows how dedicated Ramirez is and how he stays motivated.

“I am a huge perfectionist when it comes to music,” he wrote. “I think never being satisfied with how I play is one of the reasons why I made it.”