Suntree Elementary celebrates Literacy Week

Suntree Elementary School's Wishtree incorporates ideals from the popular book “Wishtree” by Katherine Applegate.

Suntree Elementary School conducted Celebrate Literacy Week Florida! from Jan. 27 to 31. Tracy Seibert is the literacy coach for Suntree Elementary.

Students and staff read the book "Wishtree" by Katherine Applegate.

Each day during Literacy Week, students were asked trivia questions related to the book. Each grade level chose activities that went with the book and to meet their English Language Arts standards.

  Some examples were vocabulary acting out, Reader’s Theater, science integration with trees, social studies integration with segregation, and writing tasks.  Activities and tasks went with the themes of kindness, teamwork, inclusion and tolerance.

In the book, a family is asked to leave the neighborhood due to differences in skin color and culture.

However, a long-standing tree has become the neighborhood Wishtree and people have tied wishes on the tree every year.

  Suntree Elementary School has tried to incorporate "Wishtree" with the kindness culture program instituted at the school.

Literacy Night was held Jan. 16, with 240 parents and children participating.

Each student, teacher and staff member wrote a wish attached to a string and then placed on a large tree designated as the Wishtree outside the school cafeteria.

There were two breakout sessions for all parents of students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade to share grade-level expectations for reading and writing, FSA Writing expectations for fourth through sixth grade, and strategies to help students succeed in English Language Arts.