Viera Charter School wins district title for fifth- and sixth-grade volleybal

Members of the Viera Charter School girls volleyball team still are excited about winning the Space Coast Christian Athletic Association's conference title.

Viera Charter School won the district title Oct. 12 for fifth- and sixth-grade volleyball, bringing home the gold from its conference, the Space Coast Christian Athletic Association.

It’s one more district title for the school, but the first for this grade level in the history of the school.

"It’s unbelievable to bring home the trophy to show our hard work as a team," said sixth-grader Lilyana Castano. "This is my second year playing on the volleyball team for Viera Charter School. My goal is to continue playing volleyball for next two years for VCS."

It was kindergarten teacher Johanna Downie’s first year coaching the team.

"It comes down to practice, practice, practice," Downie said. "They all had to learn how to be a team together, how to move, how to communicate with each other, which is very important in volleyball."

VCS physical education teacher Megan Hudson, co-coach of the winning volleyball team, said the school’s emphasis on sports goes along with its focus on character building.

"A strong sports program is great at building strong, healthy bodies," said Hudson, a standout college athlete. "But it also teaches students to hold themselves and each other accountable to a higher standard, to be disciplined, to move past what holds them back in all areas of their lives."

Team members concurred.

"It’s been lots of fun, it’s had a positive impact on school overall, and I’ve made a lot of good friends," sixth-grader Madison Stuker said.

Added fellow sixth-grader Aubrey Germain, "It’s more than just friendships. You really bond when you are on a team and you rely on each other to overcome challenges."

Writer Edwin Martin and photographer Harrison Buck are sixth-grade members of the VCS Dream It, Do It! Writing Club.