Viera Elementary School unveils new mascot, logo, colors

Viera Elementary School Principal Adrienne Schwab unveils the school's new mascot, logo and color.

Viera Elementary School has a new mascot — the Falcons.

As part of a live announcement streamed on the Viera Voice Facebook page, Principal Adrienne Schwab introduced not just the school's mascot but also its colors and logo as well.

"We definitely got community input," Schwab said. "We sent some feelers out, some surveys out. Falcons was up there at the very top. Really looking at staying within that family with the Hawks but also we have the ... peregrine falcons right here in this area and we also wanted to be able to touch on what's happening with space history right now with the Falcon 9."

Schwab also announced that the school's colors will be navy, white and gray.

"As we were doing the mascot, if you have ever driven by the school, you can see the outside of the school is navy, white, gray and green on the bottom. So as we were designing the mascot, the colors just kind of came into play with the mascot. (We) got some feedback from our staff as well on what colors they would like to see represent our school — and navy, white and gray it is," Schwab said.

She also introduced an official logo for the school that features a Falcon in the middle of a "V" along with twin Falcon rockets on either side of the "V."