Viera junior publishes novel, works to teach others

Kylie Himebaugh just completed her junior year at Viera High School.

What happens when teenager Brielle, or Bri to her close friends, meets her crush in the pop boy band Full Speed?

In teen author Kylie Himebaugh’s first novel, “Falling Fast,” Bri dates Jack and goes on a tour with his band members and their girlfriends.

In this romance novel, Bri begins to question their relationship after they both hit a few bumps in the road. Their faith gets them over some of the hurdles, but Bri has trust issues.

“Things seem to go wrong over and over again. She asks herself if this is true love and is it worth it all,” said Kylie Himebaugh, a 17-year-old junior at Viera High School.

Will the romance last? Or will it fade away?

Sorry, no spoilers here. The book is available through Amazon.

Kylie credits her ninth-grade English teacher, Rebecca Rayborn, for sparking her love of writing. She had been assigned to write a two-page fairy tale. Instead, she turned in

six pages.

“She hadn’t written before. She’s a gifted writer and has taken off like a rocket,” Rayborn said.

“I’m the kind of teacher that, if I let students fly and just be creative, they’ll find their niche. She found hers pretty early. I’m so proud of her, thrilled that I played a small part in it,” Rayborn said.

After that assignment, in 2019 Kylie began writing 20 pages a day for her novel.

Kylie’s mom, Beth, credits her daughter for getting the book published. But, Kylie said her parents’ encouragement was a key. Her mom proofread the story. Her dad, Eric, an entrepreneur, gave Kylie tips throughout.

“Both my parents were my rock and my support the entire process. Without them, I wouldn’t have finished the book,” Kylie said.

Kylie, an Illinois native, says what she learned by writing her novel was “life isn’t easy, but you have to work hard for your dreams.”

“People don’t expect teenagers to write novels. Age is just a number. It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you came from.”

Kylie is working on a program to teach other teens how to write and publish their own book. She expects to have the program in place by midsummer.