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The Military Child Education Coalition has designated the dandelion as the official plant of the military child, because like these children, the plants thrive in almost all locations and conditions.

With legendary heroes, myths about them often become entangled with the truth, and we end up being uncertain about the validity of their stories.

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“Crocodile Rock” became Elton John’s first No. 1 hit single on MCA Records. (In time, eight more would follow.) But rather than appreciate his rare good fortune, John apparently grew weary of …

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History – Then and Now features Space Coast historic landmarks or sites in

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Army Staff. Sgt. Raul Pacheco wants to know everything he can about his veteran’s benefits and services that will be available to him well before he retires from the military.

 Are you in the Fifth Quarter of your life? Have you just retired? Are you challenged by the daily routines and overload of activities? Are you comfortable with your life as it unfolds? Whatev…