’Twas the holiday season

Of the year 2020

A most unusual year

With weird happenings a plenty.

There’s a pandemic and locusts,

Alien sightings and more,

Few cars on the roads,

And fewer people in stores.

How can you have Black Friday

Without crowds at the doors

And thousands of people

Pushing others to the floors.

Thanksgiving was lonely,

Cause it’s dinner for just me,

Unless you live in a commune

And everyone is germ-free.

Our annual feast

Is such a hard task

Because turkey and gravy

Keeps getting stuck on my mask.

All you wanted was happiness

And holiday cheer,

But family gatherings and frolic

Are not happening this year.

Well what did you expect

From this most bizarre year

With more hurricanes than names

And a virus named after beer.

The month of December is known

For nice wishes and good cheer,

But the wishes for 2020

Are just “Get me outta here.”

I used to joke that 2020

Was when the vision was most clear,

But now the words 2020

Make you sneer, fear and jeer.

All I can see clearly

In this 2020 year,

Is that it’s a great time

To wish goodbye and c’mon next year.

I thought 2019 was hard,

But when I think back on life

And compare it to this year

Those were good times not strife.

No the mistletoe’s not hung

By the chimney this year,

And because of his mask,

You won’t recognize Santa, I fear.

But try to hang in there,

Cause there’s only a few weeks to go,

Remember, it’s still 2020,

So Miami might still see snow.

My wish for all of you

Is good health and good cheer

And just think of how great it will be,

Oh, not this, but NEXT year!