How do we start a new year? Party hats and noisemakers are stored. The great room and kitchen are cleaned. Now it’s time to think, ponder, meditate and reflect. Some people make resolutions; others draft new goals; and a few stop to consider various aspects or impressions of their life and events.

After nearly a year dealing with a pandemic, many seniors are reflecting with thanks. Our life experiences have been different. We stayed safe at home; we wore masks; we distanced from others; we stored rolls of toilet paper and canned food to protect against the “next wave.” We are in awe of the health-care providers, scientists and vaccine developers. We are jolted by the endless cases and deaths reported.

Holidays have been different. Virtual, creative or novel celebrations gave us a time to connect. Access online to Zoom and Skype resources added some closeness. Hallmark holiday movies gave us joyous moments to jolt our memories as we placed ourselves in the scenes.

Whatever situations or conditions develop, people of faith know that God is good! He never gives us more than we can handle. He helps us recover and helps others help themselves. As you reflect, pause and give thanks for your blessings.

Rock music legend Bruce Springsteen reflects in the AARP Magazine (November 2020) about 50 years of work as “the Boss.” In his creative return, he “grapples with aging and loss and revels in the richness of a long life.” Springsteen comments about “the ride through his many and varied lives.” He finds inspiration in a world of causes and conflicts, wars and relief efforts.

As we reflect, we look at the “should-a, could-a, and would-a” opportunities in life that passed us by. Maybe it is time in this new year to try some new adventure, learn something new, create art, and maybe jump out of an airplane with a trained tandem jumper. Life goes on. Jump in! Jump out! As seniors, we may ask: “What is the purpose? What is my legacy? How will I be remembered?”

As you reflect, ask: “Where do I go from here?” No fancy action plan is needed. Give thanks, show appreciation, protect, preserve, share, reinvent yourself, deflect negative thoughts, explore new areas of interest, and be alive!