When was the last time you were awestruck?

As we continue our journey as seniors, there continues to be inspiring, overwhelming, and mind-blowing happenings. Our perspective and focus make a difference in how we face our many challenges.

A lady at St. Mark’s Methodist Church celebrating her 100th birthday gave her secret to a long life: “I get up in the morning, go into my garden, look at the flowers and watch the buzzing bees. I am in awe.”

What do you see in your garden?

Others who have lived a long life commented about their awesome moments: “holding a new grandchild, walking in the woods, sitting in a chair at the beach, hearing the call of a seagull, watching the pelicans dive for fish, noticing the change in flowers that bloom, and watching the rocket launches from the Space Center.”

Then there are the sunrises and sunsets; the thunderstorms and flashes of lightning. We are enamored of the world of God’s creation.

Still others see an ever-changing world unfold. There is the bad and the good. Russian attacks on the Ukraine are met with endless efforts of world organizations to aid the refugees. Tornadoes demolish communities and aid rushes in from volunteers. Homeless and hungry people find an outpouring of assistance and service. If we are helping or if we observe from a distance, we are in awe of the goodness of people.

When protests develop over court decisions, law changes, injustices and demands from people who care, we marvel at their dedication and determination to make life better. Freedom of speech, constitutional rights, heated reactions, remarks by media commentators and politicians spin our brains as we reflect in awe.

On the other side, awe can include fear and dread. Another random shooting, armed citizens, brawls and riots, road rage and disrespectful people at the shopping center are matched with helpfulness and kindness. Some of us are concerned about a health challenge and then are in awe as a medical provider finds a remedy, treatment or cure.

The “Wonders Diary” site wondersdiary.com shares thoughts that help us experience life and continue to be in awe. A recent quote helps. “Life is better when you cry a little, laugh a little, and are thankful for everything you’ve got.”