Are we ready to smoke the peace pipe? The American Indians resolved conflicts by sitting around a large fire and sharing a pipe of tobacco. While meeting, solutions evolved and treaties were accepted.

Life is full of challenges, games, contests and elections along with winners and losers. Peace is a gift. It starts at home, in the family, at church and in the community.

During the Christmas season, the greeting “Peace on Earth” is part of songs and hymns. Further, the message is shared in cards and social media. Organize a small group to go out caroling. Christmas songs are full of peace messages like: “Sleep in heavenly peace!”

I noticed the word “peace” in the Bible. It is there 429 times. It means harmony, safety, contentment, wholeness, fulfillment, security and calm. How are you doing? How are we doing? There is “inner” peace, “personal” peace, “world” peace and then we can “rest in peace.”

What can we do? Some people start by giving others a “piece of their mind.” Some pray for peace. Treaties, agreements and legislation often work to resolve disputes and bring peace to those searching for a solution on a large scale. Are you a peacemaker? Often, seniors are accused of meddling and interfering in the lives of family members. If so, begin at home. Reconcile, forgive and reconnect with family, friends and neighbors. Make that telephone call, send a greeting card, send an email, connect on Facebook or visit an elderly neighbor. Share your love and peace.

Observe the good deeds of others in Rotary, Salvation Army, Toys For Tots and in many church and community groups. Why not volunteer? Put on your mask, head over to the distribution centers and be part of the action. Bake some cookies, fruitcakes or make fudge. Deliver a decorated plate or box of goodies to someone who is alone.

Play Christmas music, sing holiday songs and enjoy a festive beverage. Would you believe, Coca-Cola is running an ad “Choose Peace.” They have a new canned “peace tea” with a peace sign on the container. You can have peace in three flavors.

This is the time of year for “Peace and Joy!” As my Chinese fortune cookie message read: “Declare peace every day.” Why not?