Members of the Military Officers Association of America Cape Canaveral Chapter “never stop serving” as they give back not only to those serving, but also to those who will be.

In addition to assisting those serving, it is also helping a future generation of young people who will be serving the nation in the military.

This organization, composed of active-duty service members, retired and former military officers do their philanthropy through MOAACC’s Good Deeds Foundation.

These men and women already served, many of them more than 20 years. Some could say they did their duty, but they continue to serve because they support a strong national defense. They also want to ensure that the nation keeps its commitments to those serving, retired and former members of the Armed services and their families.

They are committed to service.

The Good Deeds Foundation of the Military Officers Association of America Cape Canaveral Chapter is a nonprofit organization that provides monetary support to youth, active-duty military and veterans programs in Brevard County.

‘We’re locally focused,” said Scott Hartley, the president of the Good Deeds Foundation.

The foundation supports JROTC programs in Brevard County high schools, with grants this year of $900 each to 15 Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programs.

That is just a part of what these men and women do to support organizations in the community. It gives between $47,000 and $50,000 a year to the JROTC programs, Sea Cadets and Civil Air Patrol chapters, and the ROTC program at Florida Institute of Technology, active-duty junior enlisted personnel at Patrick Air Force Base, Port Canaveral Coast Guard Station, the Naval Ordnance Test Unit and the local National Guard and Reserve units. It also supports Honor Flight, Veterans Treatment Court, Wreaths Across America at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery and the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center.

The Good Deeds Foundation was formed to continue the work started by MOAACC members helping junior enlisted officers.

“That was sort of the impetus, to help take that over from the chapter,” said Hartley, who retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 27 years of service.

MOAACC also has a scholarship program. Between 1984 and 2020 the program for descendants and wards of active duty and retired members of the U.S. military awarded $750,000 to 273 students attending 76 different colleges throughout the United States.

The organization fundraising includes a yearly golf tournament, which it did not hold in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, members would like to attract corporate sponsors to help it with its programs for 2021.