This summer, it’s not the bugs that are bugging me. Oh, there’s still a lot of the little flying and crawling critters around, but what’s bugging me this summer is the thing that’s two separate parts connected at one small point in the middle that impacts your driving when you’re in the car.

No, not lovebugs, I’m talking about mowing company trucks and trailers. Now is it just me or are there more mowers than mosquitoes this summer?

Grass mowing can be a real cut up, but do those mowers only work before 7:30 a.m.? You know you can’t drive down any neighborhood road without encountering a parked truck and mowing trailer.

Like the little critters that splat on your windshield, these guys are really bugging me, pun intended.

If you have my luck, there is always a car coming the opposite way right at the point you encounter the mower truck and it’s usually the only other car on the road. And why do they have to slow to a crawl until they pass?

Yeah, they’re worse than speed bumps. They see you stopped and waiting, and they slow down to a crawl? Not wanting to exercise my middle finger too excessively or put to use my vast vocabulary of colorful metaphors (swearing), I choose instead to crank up the stereo with some classic Santana and sing at the top of my lungs. Then when they see you’re not mad, they hit the gas. Hmmm, maybe I should have exercised that middle finger after all.

By the way, this happens mostly if you’re running late and in a hurry. This wouldn’t be happening though if we didn’t have a different mowing company every two yards. Like in the NFL, one team should have the ball (or the mower in this case) every 10 yards. Yeah, then I would be able to get out of the neighborhood in less time than it takes to watch the grass grow for the next round of mowing.

The truth is, like certain critters that bug me, I know mowing companies are a necessary inconvenience for a beautiful environment. But if there were ever a reason to allow alcohol in the car, this would be it. Well, time to hit the road. Now where did I put my Valium?