I’ve started having to deal with short-term memory loss, but it’s not as hard as dealing with short-term memory loss. Huh?

Memory loss is a common occurrence as you get older. Ever gone somewhere and forgotten why? Then you turn around and retrace your steps, hoping you’ll remember, get lost on the way back and have to call the spouse to find out what you’re doing? That’s short-term memory loss.

How about when you’re in a restaurant and they hand you a menu you can only see with your glasses you forgot in the car? Oh, man. What about when you go to a party with the gang from the office and you get a mental block on someone’s name and have to introduce them to your spouse? 

Yeah, forgetting names is just like nighttime bathroom visits. The older you get the more it happens. 

Comedian George Burns identified the stages of memory loss. “First you forget names. Then you forget faces. Then you forget to put your zipper up. Then you forget to put your zipper down.”

How many times have you forgotten where you put your cell phone and had to have someone else call it? Ever had it ring in your pocket when they did?

What about when you put something in a specific place so you won’t lose it, then forget where that place was? Or telling your friends this great story, your phone goes off, you hit reject, then say, “What was I talking about.” Depending on the age of your audience, they’ll probably say “dunno.” 

So how come I can remember the lyrics to songs I used to sing as a teen 50 years ago but can’t remember why I’m telling you this. 

There is one good thing about memory loss. I just don’t remember what it is. Actually, there are good things about memory loss. The worse your memory loss is, the more you enjoy reruns.

I’m really not suffering from memory loss, I’m enjoying it. Yeah, like when I tell stories of my escapades as a young man. The older I get, the better

I was.

I can tell you for a fact that I never was the man I once was.

Now, what was I talking about?