You’ve seen the bumper stickers and you’ve heard the phrase: “Support our veterans.”

If you ever wondered what it means or what people are doing to support veterans, you are on the right track. It is likely because you are thinking about what you can do. And simply doing business with them is a great way to put words into action.

A tangible way to support veterans is to support the businesses they own or businesses that might not be veteran owned but that prioritize employing those who served in the Armed Forces.

How do you do that? Easily.

Some business owners will let you know that they are veteran owned by signs on their doors or noted on their business cards or websites.

If you are looking for a specific type of service or business, the website of the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses (FAVOB) may be the answer. There are 118 member businesses in the Space Coast chapter alone. In addition, there are chapters in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Pensacola.

“I do a lot of matchmaking to help businesses grow,” said Stuart Smith, the chief operating officer of Florida Association of Veterans Owned Businesses.

Because the military instills trust, dependability and discipline, it creates confidence in those business owners by those looking for the services they provide.

The association also has what it calls patriot businesses, which are companies that employ veterans. Many of these businesses do so because they depend on the reliability of the veterans.

While there are more than 100 businesses listed in the Space Coast chapter of the association, there are others who are not yet part of the organization.

“There are a lot of veteran owned businesses that don’t know that there is a veteran business association,” said Smith, an Army veteran who has long called the Space Coast home.

FAVOB advocates for veteran owned businesses and works to influence pro-business policy changes that create opportunities for veteran owned businesses in Florida.

So, if you support veterans, consider supporting the businesses they have created here in Brevard County and elsewhere around the state.

FAVOB’s website: lists the businesses. The site gives the option of looking them up by the type of service or product you want. Be an advocate for veterans, who have sacrificed so much to serve this nation. Check out the FAVOB website.

Do not let your support for veterans be just words.