Weight and body maintenance have been popular since exercise and eating right have become a normal way to live.

One couple has kept up the momentum during their retirement years and uses their clubhouse gym equipment, mats and weights three days a week.

“I did some exercise when I was working, but not until retirement did I do three days a week and watch what I eat more,” West Melbourne resident Anna Burke said. “I have arthritis, so I don’t do anything that bothers my knees and joints. I use an elliptical at the house. I like it because it is low impact.”

Her husband George Burke said he has exercised for years, played basketball, exercised in the Navy, and set up an exercise room on his aircraft carrier. When he was working for the state police, he exercised every morning before work.

“I am a strong advocate for exercise for it is critical for health and gets you through health issues,” Anne Burke said.

Their diet includes grains and vegetables, chicken and fish, little beef and if fried, only air-fried items.

“Your body needs more vitamins and getting vitamins the natural way is the way to go,” said Lisa Gladu- Molina, a certified personal trainer and certified PWR for Life, Parkinson’s, Wellness and Recovery Program at Aquatic Health and Rehabilitation of Melbourne. “Don’t eat processed foods. The more natural you eat the better.

“For exercise, three days a week is a good regiment,” Gladu-Molina said. “Cardio for the heart for 15 minutes is a good thing. Walk on a treadmill or jog along for 15 minutes. Stretching three times a week should include hamstrings, hips, chest area and back. A hamstring stretch can be performed flat on your back or put the leg on a chair and bring the toes up and hold for 30 seconds. Being flexible is very important to just keep from breaking anything.”

She said that strengthening the core is important. Hold yourself up on your toes and elbows for 15 seconds. Use planks (keep body straight like a board) for core strengthening and it helps with balance as well. Basically, on Monday do arms, hip and lifts, and Wednesday and Friday, do core strengthening. Just do it consistently.

“The more time you put in, the better you feel. We all have a problem getting started with exercise, but we need 30 minutes every day or an hour three times a week.”