Three Titusville women recently got together for a fun day of shopping, lunch and laughter.

While this may not seem remarkable on the surface, it is when we consider the circumstances that brought Sandra Stanford, Christy Jordan Logan and AnnaBeth Stanford-Corley together.

“My husband David and I were trying to conceive, but without success,” Stanford said. “I had two miscarriages.”

At the time, Stanford was the director of the Alpha Pregnancy Center in Titusville. She learned a teenager she knew was coming for help.

The 16-year-old teenager was Logan.

“I had no intention of giving my baby up for adoption. But when I was four months pregnant, I realized I couldn’t give her the care she needed,” Logan said. “I prayed God would show me who would adopt her. When I heard Sandra and David were choosing adoption, I knew it was meant to be.”

Stanford had been doing her own praying.

“I always had a heart for adoption because my dad became orphaned at 15,” she said.

She still cries when she recalls the life-changing phone call.

“You and Dave meet everything on my list for adoptive parents,” Logan said. “Would you consider adopting my baby?”

Those qualities included sharing Logan’s Christian faith, the baby having a stay-at-home mom and a dad able to support the family. Logan also requested future updates on the child.

Stanford agreed through her tears.

The decision was made for open adoption, giving Logan a role in the adoptive family when the time was right.

Another phone call came March 4, when Anna Beth Stanford-Corley was born.

Following a dedication service on March 7, the new parents took their daughter home.

A biological son, Jonathan Stanford, has since completed the family.

Now 33 years old with a family of her own Stanford-Corley feels blessed.

“God knew what family was supposed to raise me, but He also knew I needed a relationship with my birth family. Today, we celebrate that we are all family and there for one another,” she said.

“I am blessed with an extended family I never thought possible,” Logan said.

This extends to the workplace, where Logan is Stanford’s office manager at the Hearts Matter Counseling Center in Titusville, where Stanford is the owner and a counselor.

She recalled the adoption process. “The emotions were both sorrow and joy. Adoption is tough and beautiful.”