Preston Andrews, an employee on the dog staff at the SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center, helps Bailey regain trust after the beagle was abandoned outside the facility.

A sad and potentially dangerous situation recently took place at the SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center in Titusville, when a man tied a beagle to a pole outside the building and abandoned it there.

Although the SPCA was open, the person responsible acted when the parking lot was empty. Tragically, this was nothing new.

“Animals are abandoned here several times each year,” said Shelby Montgomery, the public relations and community engagement coordinator.

Much of the recent incident was captured by a security camera.

Susan Naylor, the associate director at the Adoption Center, explained the danger.

“After being pretty much dragged to the front of the building, the dog was clearly terrified. It was difficult to handle because it was traumatized and became aggressive,” she said. “When our staff went to help him, it tried multiple times to bite them. Had a passerby without defensive handling training or a child approached the dog to help, they could have been bitten.”

She spoke of signs on the property reminding people not to abandon animals and that it is technically a crime. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office will be looking into the case.

There are more humane options. “We are a judgment free zone and understand that people sometimes can’t keep their pets,’’ Naylor said.

“That is why we are here. All we ask is for people to call us, so we can figure out the best way to help.”

The abandoned beagle has been named Bailey. He is at least 7 years old.

“So far he is doing well and getting a little friendlier with staff,” Montgomery said. “They are able to feed and pet him. He is being medically cared for and we hope to make him available for adoption soon.”

The community has rallied to Bailey’s cause, bringing him a menagerie of plush animals and other goodies. Monetary donations are being received for his care, via the SPCA website, PayPal or Venmo.

The SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center is at 6065 Sisson Road in Titusville.

For more information, call 321-567-3615, or go to                           or