Canaveral Port Ministry walks, prays for Bibles for seafarers

Last year’s Walk for Bibles event helped to fund the purchase of 822 bibles for international seafarers.

Canaveral Port Ministry is ready to host its annual Walk for Bibles on Saturday, Nov. 13.

“Come enjoy walking and praying a few hours for the seafarers with your family” says a brochure about the walk that will begin at 8 a.m. at the First Baptist Church of Cape Canaveral at 8711 North Atlantic Ave.

This year’s goal is to raise $15,000, which will go toward the purchase of Bibles for the international seafarers who visit the ministry at Port Canaveral.

The ministry currently has a collection of Bibles of different versions in 65 languages.

The approximate four-mile route, with short cuts for those who do not wish to walk the entire course, will feature prayer stops marked by yellow balloons.

“It is amazing to watch all these people with neon yellow T-shirts walking through the area,” Development Director Carolyn Bowers wrote in an email.

The prayer stops are reminders for walkers to pray for those who sail to Port Canaveral from near and far.

Some of the stops will have water and fruit. Canaveral Port Ministry at 8907 North Atlantic Ave. will be one of the stops. Another will be at Port Canaveral’s Exploration Tower observation deck, where participants can enjoy the bird’s-eye views.

For those who choose to stay at home, a live video of the event will be streamed.

In 2018, the ministry distributed 2,662 Bibles; in 2019, 2,742 Bibles; and, in 2020, 822 Bibles.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the ministry had not had any seafarer visits. With cargo ships now allowing their crews to come ashore since July, and now cruise ships in October, Bowers said 270 seafarers have visited the ministry.

“It was the first time we have had seafarers in 645 days,” Bowers said.

With ships now allowing their crews to come ashore, Bowers hopes to see the numbers of Bibles distributed increase.

For more information, contact the Canaveral Port Ministry by calling 321-783-0007 or emailing them at