Ebooks provide endless supply of reading material

The Brevard Public Library system has a large selection of ebooks.

The classic pastime of curling up with a good book is getting even easier with ebooks.

Now the struggle of going to the bookstore or library to pick up a book just to find out it’s not available has been completely eliminated. Now, all you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer to pick out a book and get to reading it right then wherever you are.

Ebooks also are a great option for travelers or anyone who likes to read in their spare time without having to actually carry around a book. Our own Brevard Public Library system has ebooks available to borrow and is a great free option for anyone who loves to read electronically.

To start, head to brevard.overdrive.com or by downloading the Libby by OverDrive app.

According to Kari Scheirer, a librarian at the Suntree/Viera Public Library, "many library systems have OverDrive", and the Brevard Public library system has a vast collection to choose from. "We have 26,965 ebooks, and 3,999 audio books," she said.

When it comes to picking out a book to rent, Scheirer recommends heading over to the subjects section of the OverDrive website, "we have historical fiction, drama, fiction." You can even rent up to five ebooks at a time so you never run out of reading material.

The Brevard Public Library’s ebook system is very popular with Brevard’s residents, with more than 2,246,000 checkouts since its founding about six years ago. Ebooks open up tons of options for reading whenever and wherever and the Brevard Public Library has tons of material to get you started.