Faith-based women’s recovery program planned for Titusville

Walkabout Recovery and The Grove Church will sponsor a drug and alcohol treatment center in Titusville.


Women struggling with substance abuse and alcoholism will soon have a new treatment option in Titusville. It is an arm of Walkabout Recovery, a faith based in-residence treatment program, under the auspices of The Grove Church.

Previously, the program was limited to men, but the purchase of a property with a large house and four cottages at 801 Orange St. will extend it to women.

“Including counseling, support and an in-residence supervisor, the outreach should accommodate about 15 women,” Recovery Pastor Will Davis said.

He clarified that the outreach is not a domestic violence shelter and will not house children.

“It is for women journeying through,” he said.

The goal is to open in January.

Improvements to the older property built in 1950, are expected to begin in mid-November.

Davis cited practical improvements such as updates to bathroom facilities.

Local artists and interior designers Debbie Davis and Julie Bledsoe are among those helping to get things ready, but from an aesthetic perspective.

“This is a worthy project and we want to use our talents for God,” Davis said. “We want the women to walk into their bedroom and ask themselves, ‘Is this for me? It’s so clean and peaceful.’”

Davis and Bledsoe see the need for the outreach.

“People I love have struggled with substance abuse. I also think it’s important that we give back to the community,” Bledsoe said.

The community can help with prayer and financial support. Donations may be made through the “Giving” tab on The Grove Church website