A lot of things happen at your front door: Friends, relatives and neighbors can stop by for a visit; a package may be left while you’re out, or thieves can try to break into your home.

A couple of years ago, technology was developed to be able to see and record anyone who came to your door through your front doorbell. But what about inside your home?

One of the leading companies that makes video doorbells – Ring – has developed the latest home security system that is literally taking flight.

According to the company’s website, ring.com – the new Always Home Cam is an autonomous drone that can fly around inside your home to give you a perspective of any room you want when you’re not home. Once it’s done flying, the Always Home Cam returns to its dock to charge its battery. It is expected to cost $249.99 when it starts shipping next year.

Ring’s founder Jamie Siminoff said the idea behind the Always Home Cam is to provide multiple viewpoints throughout the home without requiring the use of multiple cameras.

Siminoff said that thanks to advancements in drone technology, the company is able to make a product like this and have it work as desired.

The Always Home Cam is fully autonomous, but owners can tell it what path it can take and where it can go. When you first get the device, you build a map of your home for it to follow, which allows you to ask it for specific viewpoints such as the kitchen or bedroom. The drone can be commanded to fly on demand or programmed to fly when a disturbance is detected by a linked Ring

Alarm system.

The device is designed to activate only when residents are out, works indoors, and is limited to one floor of a building.

The charging dock blocks the camera’s view, and the camera only records when it is in flight. Ring said the drone makes an audible noise when flying so it is obvious when footage is being recorded.

According to its website, Ring said the camera can be used for simple things like checking if a stove was left on or a window left open, or if a door is locked when you’re away from the home. It features obstacle avoidance technology to allow it to avoid objects in its path. Its shrouded propellers prevent damage to property or hurting a pet or person that might collide with the drone.

Beverly Lancaster, a retired U.S. Air Force nurse and a resident of the Six Mile Creek subdivision in Viera, loves her Ring system.

“I have four cameras around the house, and it works fantastic,” she said. “The picture is so crystal-clear I can see a squirrel in the backyard.”

Lancaster installed the system two years ago and remembers when she was vacationing in Italy and a hurricane hit the Space Coast.

“I was able to watch my house through the phone app,” she said. “It was great. I could see if there was anything happening to my house.”

Lancaster said she plans to look into buying the new drone system.

“I love my Ring product,” she concluded. “It’s the best protection for your home.”

The system works by hooking the Ring product to your Wi-Fi, then using the free Ring app (available for Apple and Android devices) to alert you whenever someone approaches your door or comes in a range of a security camera. You can then view an HD video stream of the person and speak to them using two-way audio communication.